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Melbourne Festival. 10-26 Oct 2014

Dancing Architects

In 2014, The Dancing Architects formed as a group of Melbourne based, like-minded design professionals interested in contemporary dance and performance art, and they provided Melbourne Festival with critical underwriting support for the Trisha Brown: From All Angles program.  This meeting of contemporary architecture and contemporary dance began through a sharing of the creative experience of movement and space.  But it also ignited a desire by the architects to support the local emerging dance community by pledging ongoing funding for the presentation of Melbourne dancers and choreographers in the annual Festival program.

Its membership is comprised of some of the best architects in Australia, internationally renowned designers of many of the Australia’s landmark buildings.

The Dancing Architects are:

  • Ian and Gill McDougall

  • Roger Wood and Shelley Lasica

  • Hayball                         

  • Patrick Ness

  • Tim Jackson, Jon Clements, Graham Burrows