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Melbourne Festival. 10-26 Oct 2014

Australia Music

Jonti & The Astral Kids

Since I Left You

A Celebration of the Avalanches

Melbourne Debut

Part of Foxtel Festival Hub series.


Built out of more than 3,500 distinct samples, Since I Left You, The Avalanches’ legendary mash-up masterwork, has long been considered impossible to perform live.

Now Sydney’s Astral People have produced a euphoric tribute to this Australian classic, teaming up with the electro-pop wonder-kid Jonti and a 17-person orchestra to bring the album to life, song by seminal song.

Revered as “a joyous, kaleidoscopic masterpiece of sun-kissed disco-pop” by NME, Since I Left You was conceived as a reaction to dance music at the turn of the century, proving a timeless capsule for a new generation of artists and enrapturing a young Jonti upon migrating to Sydney from his native South Africa.

“Too good to only be done once.” 


Approached by The Avalanches to contribute to their long-awaited and elusive second record, this interaction proved to be the inspiration behind Jonti’s Avalanches-approved tribute.

The 10-piece band includes prodigious Sydney-based singer-producer Rainbow Chan, and electronic duo Polographia (Daniel Finn and Moktar Youngblood), signed to Astral People.

“Since I Left You is my favourite album in the world and has come in at almost every important time in my life. The idea came about for this project when I was asked to contribute to the forthcoming album by the almighty Avalanches. I wanted to show my appreciation.”


Joyous, chaotic and exhilarating, Since I Left You is a perfect tribute to an album that changed music forever.

“Fearless adventure and anarchic fun”

Sydney Morning Herald

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