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Melbourne Festival. 10-26 Oct 2014


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose where I sit?
Seating plans for all Festival venues are available at any Ticketmaster outlet so, subject to availability, you can choose your seat (with the exception of a few events designated General Admission). For all events at Arts Centre Melbourne, and some events at other venues you can also choose your seats online via interactive seating plans.

Am I eligible for concession?
Concession prices apply to persons who are aged 16 years and under, full-time students (including International Student cardholders), full pensioners, Victorian Carer Card holders, welfare benefit recipients and the unemployed.? Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details. There are also special student prices for many shows and other discounts available, including for artists with a Local Artist Card.

Can I change my tickets?
If you buy a ticket to an event you are only able to exchange it for a ticket for another performance of the same event. Any exchanges must be made at the original point of sale and may be subject to fees.

Is the price listed on this website the price I'll actually pay for my tickets?
Tickets to Melbourne Festival events are sold by a variety of ticketing agents, each with different booking fees and ticket processing charges. As far as it is possible to calculate, the prices for events listed on this website are inclusive of fees and charges. However in most cases additional booking fees will apply, depending upon where you purchase tickets and the method of purchase. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Why is there more than one price reserve on some events?
Where possible we offer a range of affordable ticket prices. If a Premium price is offered, this is for the absolute best seats available at the venue. We sometimes make available B and C Reserve tickets that are designed to make the performances more accessible. While you will still be able to enjoy the performance, you may find that the B and C Reserve tickets are further to the sides or towards the back of the venue and may be sight or sound restricted.

What is General Admission?
This means that your ticket does not assign you an allocated seat at the venue.

What happens if I lose my tickets?
If the event has reserved seating then a lost ticket pass can be issued to you, as we know where you were supposed to be sitting. If your tickets were for a General Admission performance please note they cannot be replaced.

What happens if I am running late for a performance? Will they let me in? Do I get a refund on my ticket?
Being late affects performers and the rest of the audience. Some artists specifically ask that latecomers not be admitted. The Festival reserves the right to exclude latecomers to certain events or to admit them only during a suitable break in the performance. Check the time on the ticket and plan ahead. The Festival regrets it is not possible to refund a completed booking. And please don't take it out on the usher!


Is there any basic etiquette I need to be aware of?
You are not allowed to use mobile phones or any gadgets which make noises during performances. Using cameras or other recording devices is a breach of copyright and absolutely not allowed.

Is there a dress code at Festival performances?
Some audience members choose to reveal their fine fashions but we just want everyone to wear whatever it is that makes them comfortable.


Melbourne Festival Office
The Melbourne Festival office is open 9am – 5pm
T: 03 9662 4242

Please note that tickets cannot be purchased via this number.