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Melbourne Festival. 10-26 Oct 2014

Meet our new digital partner

25 Aug

This year we've teamed up with a new digital partner to help bring the Festival experience to life online.

Bravo, a nimble digital design studio, has been working with us over the past few months to help translate our creative vision for the Festival into a living, breathing online experience.

The team at Bravo worked closely with our creative, digital and marketing teams to deliver a fully responsive website that works across both desktop and mobile devices.

This year's website focused not just on the updates to match the 2014 creative format, but also a range of usability and technical enhancements to help promote ticket sales and help us achieve our marketing and sales objectives for the year.

Our new website also establishes a solid digital platform that will support the Festival in years to come, as we look to deliver even more engaging event experiences across a range of digital technologies – not just a website alone, but considering apps, wearable technology and the "internet of things".

Bravo and the Festival are excited to be working together and both teams are excited to take the Festival forward in the digital space. We hope you enjoy this year's website.